Saturday, December 31, 2011

XMAS loot list

Here's my haul in no particular order.

I got a bunch of Magic: The Gathering cards, and a bunch of 3-ring binder sleeves to store them in, Star Wars (I refuse to call the 1st movie by any other name) and Return of the Jedi lithographs in nice, heavy folder things. Here's the fronts...

and the backs...

and the lithographs themselves. Sorry if these first few pics are a bit dark.

I also received a plushie Darth Vader, a set of Spider-Man cookie cutters that make your cookies look like comic book covers, a deck of playing cards shaped like a penguin....

a Boba Fett/Han Solo mug, a penguin wearing a pink parka, a Slave 1 tree ornament (that was a present from me to me)...

the campy Flash Gordon dvd, a Muppet's Beaker ornament, a big bottle of wine...

a DC Comic's Flash emblem mug, a Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker mug, a penguin shaped hand soap dispense with spiced cookie scented soap, a factory defective Stormtrooper, and that Kevin Smith & Stan Lee documentary "Mutants, Monsters, & Marvels."

Here's a closer look at the messed up Stormtrooper. I'm thinking that batch of clones had an ingredient or two left out.

And this is the packet of cocoa that came with the mugs, well, two packets for two mugs. It was a set.

And here's a panoramic view of the art on the mugs. I dunno why the sound never transfers when I put a movie from my phone onto the computer. *edit* Apparently the video sound works if I then transfer it to another medium.

Not pictured: many delicious snacks and candies. Because I ate them all.

Thanks everybody!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Radioactive spider bite, but instead of getting super powers my internal organs are liquefying.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I think I've narrowed my malady down to 2 options. It's either dysentery or datentery.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

If anybody has been trying to call or text me, try again. Got mins on my phone.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Good visits, good dinners, good presents, good Dr. Who marathon, good night.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The frost is so heavy we got a white Xmas despite not getting any snow. It's pretty but won't linger so go look. Merry Christmas everybody.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

Put it in your mouth because I said so!

My awesomeness now extends to the making of FRUIT CAKES! Yes, that misunderstood and oft belittled holiday staple has found redemption thanks to me. You may laugh but lets see you make meringue with a hand mixer that only has one beater. As a surprise no less. I didn't know going into this that I'd have to do that. And hats off to all y'all who had to do it by hand in ye oldie times. Okay, technically I didn't make a meringue 'cause I only used egg whites but still. That's like making a whole nuther dessert to put inside the first one. And don't bring up cherpumple. You can cheat and buy pre-made pies for that.

And really, who's the sadistic chef that came up with the idea to make somebody stand in a hot kitchen and beat egg whites, of all things, until they were firm? BY HAND? That's some evil shit. I'm looking at you, dead French jerk. Second guess is tied for a Belgian or a Swiss... Swissie? Swissite? Swisher? Whatev, it took me just shy of an hour to make it and I still didn't get it 100% firm. Anyways, the cakes are in the oven for the next 2 1/2 hours. Mom says it'll take even longer than that.

Way back before dad retired and mom was still able run rings around lesser beings in the kitchen the fruit cakes were a holiday must. She made bunches of them to give to family and dad's co-workers. And not in a white elephant sort of way like with stereotypical holiday jokes. Everybody legitimately loved them. When she got to where she couldn't do it anymore people were worried she was mad at them because they didn't get a yummy fruit cake in the mail.

I'm not a big fan of candied cherries but I like them well enough in a fruit cake. If it was just for me I'd only use raisins, nuts and the candied pineapples. I'll have to investigate and see if other types of candied fruit are made. I only ever see cherries and pineapple this time of year. And while a fruit cake is good to eat at room temperature I like to slap it down with some butter and fry a slice or two. And of course I add splash or two of brandy for a truly delish Xmas treat. Maybe I'll share.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The mall was gross and people were rude so I totally crop dusted it from one end to the other.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Friday, December 16, 2011

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Disturbing thought about Xmas and Santa's origin

This morning my sister asked me if I knew Mrs. Santa Claus's name. According to Santa Claus Is Coming To Town it's Jessica, I said, but since he's based on an old Catholic bishop he didn't really have one. More likely he had an under aged boyfriend. We laughed. Then my devious and cynical nature took over.

I pondered further, to myself, that maybe Nicolas of Myra wasn't really being generous with all his gift giving to the poor - maybe he was paying them off to shut them up about what some priest did to their kids. Or worse, he gave out presents to lure kids himself. The poor have always been the target of opportunity for people getting up to no good. Who's to say what kind of spin the Vatican will put on all the child abuse cases and settlements a thousand years from now.

Granted, there are plenty of non-Christian traditions involving giving presents and young children's innocence that got woven into the mythology of Santa Claus but c'mon. Catholics love their traditions and have doing things the same way for ages. To be fair, there are plenty of Protestant preachers who are just as bad (sometimes worse) as the worst priests but A) they don't get as much press, and B) the Catholics have been around way longer and pretty much invented modern western religion and it's various holidays. Do we know anything about child molesting rabbis and imams?

Maybe it's time we got back to some good, old fashioned pagan values.

Friday, December 9, 2011

I keep forgetting to post that Roman got to come home last night. He's doing fine.
I believe it's time to re-institute my policy of calling everybody "Sugarbritches."

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby news with pictures

I took my sister to stay with Julia and Roman this afternoon. They're at CAMC Women & Children's. Roman is still throwing up but he's also pooping so some food is getting through somewhere. His color is a lot better if nothing else.

Gross, the IV is in his head. He rolls his head around and doesn't seem to be bothered by it. He does manage to grab onto it every so often so there's a chance he might pull it out. He pulled off a piece of tape, and a chunk of hair with it. He didn't cry but he fussed until it finally came loose then he went back to normal like he hadn't just done that.

The docs aren't sure if he's still puking because of post-surgery tummy upset or if something else is needing fixed in his tummy.

To look at him you'd never know anything was wrong. Other than his hands and feet being cold all the time he seems outwardly fine. He doesn't fuss or cry like he's in pain or anything. He doesn't even make heaving retch noises when he throws up. He just turns his head to the side and out it comes. He sleeps through it sometimes. I hope all the puke gets cleaned out of his ears and he doesn't get any ear infections.

His little surgical scar was barely noticeable but if they have to go back in the next one will be vertical from sternum to belly button. That'll suck but when he's older he can make up stories about it to impress chicks.

Poor Julia, all her clothes have puke on them too. Now that her mother is there maybe she can get a shower and a nap.

He had a little bit to eat before I left around 6:30, and a little more since then, and he hasn't done more than spit up a wee bit. Maybe he just has a tiny tummy and needs to have many small feedings throughout the day instead of a few larger ones. Whatever the problem is, he's in a decent hospital so hopefully he'll be fixed up and back home soon.

more baby news

Roman started puking again. The hospital won't discharge him if he can't keep down a 3oz feeding. And if he can't he might need another surgery. Boo :(
I get the urges to clean at the weirdest times.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011

baby news

Roman came thru his operation easy-peasy. Sometime around midnight they're gonna try feeding him and see if everything works properly now.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

quick update

Roman is scheduled for surgery first thing Monday morning. We're waiting for my sister to get out of work so we can go to Charleston.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Baby Update

The test they did this afternoon was inconclusive but they're all positive it's pyloric stenosis. He and his mother are being shipped to a hospital in Charleston WV. I'm guessing it's Women & Children's but don't quote me. Depending on which doc is on duty tonight they'll do the surgery as soon as he's checked in and whatnot.

Roman was dehydrated so they started him on an IV. It's in the left side of his head but he doesn't seem to mind. He only got fussy when the nurse came to check his vitals. And because he can't be fed since there's a surgical procedure in his immediate future. Hopefully by this time tomorrow he'll be patched up and on his way to recovery.

Oh noes for the baby

Roman had to go to the hospital last night. He won't stop puking and he's losing weight. It's either a case of super crazy reflux or pyloric stenosis. Since he projectile vomits and his belly looks like it has an alien in it my expert opinion is the later condition. Plus, his dad had that and while it isn't exactly hereditary the chances of it happening are much greater if a parent had it. Then again, his mother has had a problem with reflux her whole life.

We should find out this afternoon. He has an endoscopic procedure scheduled for around 1pm to see what's what. The reflux will be an easy fix with meds but the pyloric stenosis will require surgery. If that happens at least he and his parents will have matching scars. Poor lil guy :(