Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween Blizzard of Ot Twelve

 Had to trudge out into this Tuesday afternoon to get coal to burn to keep the house warm.
 A couple of dad's old vehicles.
 Bubbles seemed to enjoy it.
 Looking back towards the houses.
 this pine is just to the left of those two old trucks from a few pics ago
 Bubbles again
 This is the pine, and wood pile, from between the two houses
 another wood pile

 pine tree up close
 Bubbles and Goober
 The paper boxes and pine grove across the road in front of our house
 looking down the road, a few broken trees
 looking up the road, and the mail box
 more pine trees
 a fence post
 where the pines give way to other types of trees
 up the road again, dogwood tree in front of the little house
some garbage cans beside the house
The power went out sometime very early Tuesday morning (October 30th), and finally came back on today (Saturday, Novmeber 3rd). With the exception of a couple of flash lights the fire place was our only source of heat and light for the past week. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

We kept the baby AND the bathwater*

This is my niece, Julia, and her baby boy, Romin Conner. I took these a couple of days after Stormageddon 2012, or whatever it’s being called. We had no power or water** and were struggling through 90+ degree heat (Fahrenheit). We hadn’t bought a baby pool yet but we got lucky and found a clean plastic tub. He seemed to like it, and at least one of us got a bath.

*We used it on the tomato plants.

**We had warning that the water was getting shut off so we had plenty of drinking water to use for his tubby. And we boiled it anyways to be sure.